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Location aware Mobile advertising & payments using beacons, ZBRS


Why beacons?

Beacons are cost efficient, non intrusive and require no installation. Beacons are like a matchbox in size.

We use your store to influence customers and thus we pay you for the rent! Our commission is great, too. And you can place mobile ads for free with them..

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Advertise vertical or horistonally

You want to promote your brand or store? A 2-for-1 deal at your restaurant? Maybe engage customers to come back with a $10 disount next time?

Buy a campaign online and you're instantly promoted across the city, county or country at the venues of your choice. You even select your type of customers and our system does the rest!

Psst! Ads on your own beacons are totally free..

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Customers loves us

No more ads or deals about stuff you dont care about. We bring only the good stuff - and we don't even ask for your email-address.

Some deals can be downloaded as coupons into your phone and some just require you to show up. Magic does the rest.

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1000s of beacons

Number is increasing every day and soon in all retailers, restaurants and shopping centers around you.

Beacons have a range of 1-200 meters, depending on the objective of it. Easier than 1-2-3!

How does this work?

Check out the details and get into some use cases - click here to find out more.

Want to know even more? Check out this presentation that explains it all in more detail.

Millions of impressions

That's a lot of impressions - and they're only sent when they make sense or are close to a target location! How many targeted customers do your reach today with your marketing?

Can you engage your customers when entering or leaving your store? For free..? Easier than 1-2-3?

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